What is Aviationstack?

Purpose of Aviationstack APILayer powers this service.

About aviationstack

The aviationstack API was built to deliver accurate data about global flights both in real-time as well as for historical flights. Being integrated with one of the most sophisticated aviation data provider on the market, the aviationstack API is capable of delivering real-time updates about ongoing flights with a delay of only 30-60 seconds. In addition to live and historical flights, the API will also deliver up-to-date information about airline routes, airports, aircrafts and destination locations.

Here at aviationstack we are proudly serving more than 5,000 companies around the world involved with flight booking platforms, visualization programs, flight monitoring applications and other service providers in the aviation space. We learn about new use cases for aviation data every day — interested in discussing yours? Reach out to our world-class support team, we are happy to help.

Powered by apilayer

The aviationstack API is built and maintained by apilayer, a technology company providing market-leading microservice API products in close to 20 different API markets, including currency, IP geolocation, User-Agent detection, and many more. Excited? Learn more about apilayer.

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